Cake Walk

Despite unusually scorching temperatures, our community gathered Friday to celebrate another fantastic year of learning and playing together with a Cake Walk party. Families gathered in the shady, grassy area with picnic dinners to enjoy friendships cultivated during our year together.

IMG_1969  IMG_1982

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IMG_2402  IMG_2383

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IMG_2362  IMG_2339

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IMG_2337 IMG_2325

Children ignored the heat and ran excitedly from one play station to the next. They had face painting fairies help transform them and many activities to keep them (mostly) distracted from the line-up of cakes.

IMG_2379 IMG_2370

IMG_1928  IMG_1927

IMG_1955 DSC_5377

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DSC_5396 IMG_2373

DSC_5410 IMG_1938 IMG_1944 IMG_2375

The ever-tempting gallery of cakes:

IMG_1975 IMG_1974

IMG_1973 IMG_1976Thanks to Charles and Brailey for providing live music for the cake walk. Each child won their very own cake to bring home, but first we enjoyed a slice (or three) and many traded and sampled friend’s cakes.

IMG_1966 IMG_1981

IMG_1999 IMG_2436





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