Intern Student Values Her Experience at HFP

By Yijia Li, Chinese International Student at Lewis and Clark College

I had a wonderful time interning at Hawthorne Family Playschool! When I first walked into the classroom, everyone seemed really nice and welcoming, which helped me to ease my worriedness. I had no experience with kids previously, and I was nervous about making mistakes. However, the atmosphere at HFP was supportive and lovely that I’m so glad I had the opportunity to participate. Teacher Susan helped and instructed me about what I could do to help with the class, and that made me feel like I was doing something useful and really being part of the school.


I learned and grew from my time at HFP. At first I was shyer about supervising kids with activities and I was even nervous about my English skill in terms of reading books to them. But I gradually became more confident and could read books to a small group of children and supervise them doing activities. I was really happy I could use my art skill to help out the class too, which was fun for me to do some drawing that I had been too busy to do.

I’m going to miss everyone from HFP. It has been a precious experience, and I’m thankful for the time I played with the kids. I really think HFP serves as a great example of how essential play is in terms of children’s growth, which I didn’t realize before this experience. Because from where I’m from, academic takes the lead in children’s lives and people do not prove the importance of play. I feel lucky to find out it by now so that I could be a better parent in the future and have a better influence with kids


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