Hoopla! 2016

On April 9th HFP celebrated another year of learning, play and community at Hoopla!, our annual Costume Party/Benefit at Oaks Park Dance Pavilion. We were blessed with delicious food, playful entertainers and exciting auction items.









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Many parents and teacher Susan arrived in whimsical costumes along with a host of thrilled children in their own make believe personas.

IMG_2475  IMG_2408

IMG_2469 IMG_2466 IMG_2457

IMG_2440   IMG_2436

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Friends old and new delighted in home-cooked meals and one another’s company. Children occupied themselves with a charming craft and theater playland, one-on-one time with acrobats and jugglers, and music just for them.


IMG_2445 IMG_2438


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IMG_2470 IMG_2471

While many schools hold “adults only” auctions and fundraisers, HFP rocks the party family-style!

IMG_2455 IMG_2437

IMG_2458  IMG_2485IMG_2490 IMG_2487Raising funds to support such a special community driven school couldn’t be more fun!

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