Hiking Near Balch Creek

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HFP families gathered just east of the Audubon Society in the quixotic early spring weather to join in circle time and to sing songs for the earth and her creatures.

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We headed down the trail towards the pavilion and pond where cutthroat trout live. The murky pond promised possible glimpses of frogs and turtles…

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Continuing towards the creek, and splitting off in groups, we saw different native plants:

IMG_1860   IMG_1892TRILLIUM                                                                      SALMONBERRY BLOSSOM

image  imageIMG_1989 IMG_1874  IMG_1882

We played a predator/prey chase game in which mice (children) could nestle into a hole or camouflage themselves in order to avoid becoming the owl’s (Teacher Susan’s) next meal.

IMG_1833   IMG_1829

image   image

We got up close to many native friends of the sky, water and earth.

IMG_1823  IMG_1822  IMG_1832

Our forest circle time included a birthday candle ritual and a farewell song for a friend’s last day before moving to Denmark .  How special to celebrate while surrounded by moss, fern and trees!

image  IMG_1990

It was a day of friends, trees, magnificent birds and lots of exploring!

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