We Love Trees

In preparation for our focus on trees, our Easel Share prompted children to consider thinking about what trees provide.

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WE LOVE TREES: Trees are beautiful, provide clean air and are homes to many critters. Can you think of a critter that lives in trees? Can you think of a fruit you like to eat that grows on trees?


Avery:  Pears! Kitties run up trees!

Tennessee:  Monkeys! Nuts!

Alta:  Squirrels and BANANAS!

Liam:  Birds and Oranges

Milo:  Termites, apples

Thatcher: Strawberries, warthog

Nate:  Birds, oranges, bananas, avocados

Lenore: Squirrels, pears

Beryl:  Spiders live in trees, mangos grow in trees

Ezra:  Squirrels, birds, apples, bananas

Sahas: Squirrels! Plum!


Drexler:  A porcupine and a peach.

Matilda:  A cardinal and woodpeckers; bananas

June:  Birds, owls

Leo:  Lemons, apples, bananas, squirrel

Simon:  Squirrel; pear

Milo:  Birds! And they lay eggs and Milo loves bananas and apples!

Samson:  Squirrels and Apples!

Shoshana: Birds and bananas

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We invited a representative from Talk About Trees Oregon Forest Education Program to visit us at circle.

HFP’s nature curriculum mirrors Talk About Trees’  Goals:

  • To encourage awareness and appreciation for the value of trees and forests in our daily lives; and
  • To encourage an understanding about the protection, management and conservation of the renewable forest.



We could build our own “trees” for snack using pretzels, peanut butter, and grapes.


We went for a walk in the neighborhood, noticing the range of colors with fallen leaves. We matched leaves to their closest paint chip swatch, taping them down to make leaf collages.

IMG_0058   IMG_0115

IMG_0056   IMG_0055IMG_0060   IMG_0057

We found an ideal climbing tree as well as a tree swing to try out.

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Back in the play yard, we have been playing with leaves, wheel-barrowing leaves, jumping in leaves, and raking and cleaning up leaves.

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We are finding leaves to be an amazing natural treasure.



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