Learning Together: I love parent helping!

By Silvia
I loved my first parent helper shift!  In a way it felt like being home with my kids, only times 14, totally focused on the kids (rather then my house being a mess) and under the loving guidance and direction of maestra Susan.
When my kid was a newborn I was surprised that other babies’ crying sounded different then his, somehow I expected all babies to be the same, tiny bundles needing love and care. Well, I soon came to realize that personality traits emerge really early on and today I was reminded of that when I saw all the different kinds of spirits and hearts in the room! Each child brought with them an incredible set of characteristics, it would be unfair to describe any of them in just one way as they all showed big emotions, solid friendships, exciting personalities, caring manners and loving attitudes at different times through the morning.  It was an honor to be present with them, read books to them, hold them during difficult moments and enter their little world (sometimes even developing our own little language).
How absolutely lucky I am to be part of this community, to learn with and from your kids, to be allowed in the very creative space of play and learning and to navigate these early years with other dedicated loving families and, I shall say it again, maestra Susan!!!
And to credit maestra Susan once more, I’d like to share one incident that brought added appreciation to the day. While I was comforting one child I noticed that my own child was having a difficult time with a friend. I knew I needed to be present with the little person I was helping, and a quick glance at Susan gave me full trust and reassurance that my guy and the other person in the quarrel were fully taken care of. It was interesting to notice a slight bias towards helping my own kin and then quickly realizing that no such thing was needed because EVERY child was being loved and taken care of by each adult and by their peers. Such is the space we share and I am again very thankful that my family gets to be part of it!


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