This Is What Teamwork Looks Like

By Susan Eisman

Our children team up with friends and parents each playschool morning to accomplish shared goals. Children joyfully learn to communicate, collaborate and cooperate as they play.  This is teamwork!

IMG_9524   IMG_9525

Cutting apples together.


Making pumpkin muffins together.

IMG_9518   IMG_9506

Building puzzles together.

IMG_9527   IMG_9533

Scooping sand to mix cement together.  Scooping sand to bake cakes together.

IMG_9511   IMG_9522

Carrying boards to build a machine together.

“When a child first comes to a structured educational setting, one of the teacher’s goals is to help the child move from being aware only of (themselves) to becoming aware of other children. At this stage of learning, teachers are concerned that children learn to share, take turns, and show caring behaviors for others. Structured activities which promote cooperation can help to bring about these outcomes. One of the most consistent research findings is that cooperative learning activities improve children’s relationships with peers, especially those of different social and ethnic groups.”– Excerpt from Cooperative Learning Stratetgies


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