Home Visits: Bridging Home and School

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Teacher Susan’s home visits start off the school year with care and connection. Home visits bridge the transition between summer vacation and the start of the year, and they serve to dissolve the walls between home and school. These visits are special times for Susan and HFP families to share daily routines and favorite toys, games, and books. Home visits also provide opportunities for Susan and families to exchange questions, concerns and ideas.

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HFP children show off favorite toys and join in moments of reflection, anticipation, and laughter with Susan.  Susan has 25 years experience working with children and families. Her practice is informed by both her academic work in the field of child development and her deep commitment to the well being of her students.

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One of the secrets to facilitating communication, cooperation, and empathy is honoring the uniqueness of a child’s inner life. Play is central to that world and children thrive in safe, thoughtfully structured environments where adults encourage exploration, experimentation, and playful interaction with other children and the natural world around them. Learning emerges organically through both real and imaginary adventures and engagement with intellectual, social, and physical challenges. Each child is stimulated by a unique set of interests and engages in individual approaches to play and learning. Home visits supply valuable information which enhances the inclusiveness of Susan’s curriculum.

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Working and playing together in a co-op nurtures feelings of friendship and respect within the community. Since co-op parents serve as members of the board and staff, we all belong and we all have voices. Home visits offer a space for  Susan and HFP families to begin new conversations and resume continuing ones.

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As the year progresses, connections sparked during Susan’s home visits will grow into richer relationships and foster new avenues of play and learning.

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Thanks to Carol Whitten for supplying most of the text for this blog entry.


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