Growing and Learning at HFP is a Piece of Cake

Everyone gathered on the grounds for a sweet conclusion to the school year.  The end-of-year celebration included a picnic on the lawn; lots of hula hoop, trampoline and EZ Stepper action; costumes; and face painting.

Susan and Painted FaceFace Paint green   Face Paint Mirror

Painted Faces GroupCake grass Picnic

The grand finale was a cake walk where every child was a winner.

Group in Chairs Cake cropCake Cirle Moving

Groupd ChairsParent circle

Parents and playschoolers baked and decorated cakes of every shape, color, and theme for the event.  Gummy worms were a popular ingredient along with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips.  The confectionery line-up included a “bucket of dirt and worms” chocolate cake, a “watermelon” cake complete with green frosting and chocolate chip seeds, several flower cakes, strawberry shortcake, raspberry cake, and “owl” cupcakes.

Looking at pail cake

Bucket Worms Cake


Worm cake crop

Owl Cake   Chair Cake2

Children were presented with Honor Boards which parents had decorated with a special photo and stickers.  All the families in the class signed the boards and shared memories and wishes for each child.

Honor Board Lenore    Avi Honor Board

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