Strawberry Picking (and Eating) on Sauvie Island

We ended our school year with a trip to pick strawberries, returning to Kruger’s Farm on Sauvie Island, the same farm where we picked pumpkins in October.  While munching on juicy strawberries and raspberries, we learned farmers were planting pumpkin seeds so pumpkins would be ripe and ready for us to pick again this Fall.

small Strawberry boy box   small Strawberry pick boxes

small Hailey and Sahas hay  small Strawberry hayride group

We also learned a new song that summarized our hands-on, strawberry picking experience in the field.

“Picked A Strawberry” (sung to “Clementine” melody)

Picked a strawberry,

Picked a strawberry

That was growing

In the sun.

It looked delicious.

So I ate it

And then I picked another one.

small Strawberry George   small Strawberry  Field

small Strawberry  hayride closeup   small Strawberry Susan

small Strawberry hay group2

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