Beep! Beep! It’s Wheel Day at HFP.

Children arrived with bikes, trikes, and scooters and donned helmets for nearly two hours of kid-powered fun on Wheel Day at HFP.  Thanks to the support of Pastor Linda and the Colonial Heights Presbyterian church, we transformed the  parking lot into spacious riding grounds.  We marked chalk traffic signs so speedsters and slow moving vehicles traveled safely while sharing the “road.”  Fickle Portland springtime weather was cooperative, keeping cyclists cool with an umbrella of clouds but holding back the rain until the close of the school day.

Wheel Group smooth enlarged

Wheel art and wheel stories supported the event and provided activities for children who were giving their legs a rest.

Wheel Day draw    Wheel Day read

Many children were  captivated by the true story of “Gretchen, a spunky, lovable dachshund, who… loses the use of her back legs after an accident but triumphs over her disability with the help of a set of wheels.” This book underscores our efforts to raise awareness of differently abled people (and animals).

Gretch Bicycle Dog

Gretchen the Bicycle Dog  by Anita Heyman

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