Meet Hazel the Audobon Society Owl

HFP took to the woods on another spring field trip.  We gathered at the Audobon Society for a meet and greet with Hazel, a Northern Spotted Owl who was  rescued in the Mount Hood National Forest in 2004. Classrooms are great places for learning, but nothing teaches us about the environment and all the wonderful creatures inhabiting our world like seeing  an owl up close and personal. This beautiful but endangered species is just one of our native treasures, and as thirty awed HFP children can attest, Hazel and her kin deserve our devoted appreciation and stewardship.

Owl Photo Audobon   Owl2 Audobon

Quality time with Hazel was followed by a hike through glorious Forest Park, Portland’s own owl habitat.  Our local residents include Northern Pygmy-Owls, Barred Owls, and Great Horned Owls.

Magnifying glass Audobon   Mac water Audobon

Treasure in hand Audobon2  Girls water toss Audobon

While our nocturnal feathered friends slept overhead, we searched for banana slugs and salamanders and tested the laws of physics and equilibrium as we tossed stones into the water to make circles of ripples.

Audobon Group2   Audobon Group

We returned to the picnic tables to recharge ourselves with some nourishing snacks.

Audobon Snack2   Audobon Snack

Audobon group TTh photoshop

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