We Love Trees!

Trees clean the air that we breathe, they provide homes for critters, and they give us paper and wood to build things. HFP children gather around the Easel Share to post their responses to some serious and some goofy aboreal queries.

Big TRee Audobon    Tree huggers Audobon2

What is your favorite fruit that grows on trees?  What is your favorite critter that lives in trees?

Trees Lesson Art2   Easel1 Trees corrected

Trees Lesson Art    Easel Trees2 type larger

Snack time is a good time for sampling favorite foods grown on trees.  It’s also a good time for remembering feathered friends “whooo” make their homes in trees. Creating edible “owl” sandwiches is a fun way to celebrate both trees and their residents.

Trees Lesson  Alta Owl Trees Lesson

One great way to connect with preschoolers and help underscore their expertise is to consider the outlandish.   We offer a prompt to help  children stretch their imaginations to ponder silly, impossible ideas about trees.

What is something that would never really grow in a tree? What is an animal that would never really live in a tree?

Avi HArper hug AudobonEasel Share 3 Trees

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