Hippity! Hoppity! The Bunnies are Here.

One of the warmest and fuzziest symbols of spring, bunnies, visited HFP last week. Children explored a range of bunny-like behaviors: nibbling carrots at snack time, dressing up in bunny costumes, and singing bunny songs at Circle Time.  For the crescendo of the school day, real bunnies arrived for a cuddly and playful visit, thanks to alumni parent Karin Mc Teague.

Bunnies cage

Bunny hat Bunny  Bunny blue boyBunny threesome

Children gently held and petted baby bunnies, making happy and informative connections between their imagined bunny personas and the little animals in their laps.

Bunny cuddle crown   Bunny twosome  Bunny dad

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  1. susieeisman@yahoo.com says:

    A huge thanks to alumni parent, Karin Mc Teague, for continuing to invest in our community long after Zoe and Miles have moved on to elementary school!

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