Wet and Wonderful Work Party

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HFP’s nature playscape is a highlight of our program.  Children thrive outdoors with rich sensory experiences, space to move and challenges to their bodies and a variety of provocations to stimulate their imaginations.  At HFP we get to do all this and more, while nourished by natural elements surrounding us.

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Each year I’m privileged to work closely with dedicated parents to embellish our outdoor classroom via our annual outdoor work party. Today a few dedicated parents joined forces, working under rainy skies as we cleaned, weeded, planted, built and re-arranged, making our play yard that much more enticing for young minds, bodies and spirits.  Following our morning’s work, partners and children joined us for a pizza party. *

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It was so much fun to come to school on a non-school day and hang out with friends. Thank you to all of you who worked on the play yard today.  Extra special thanks to those wielding power tools. Skills, experience and smarts came along with the wielding to create some really cool things.  – Melissa

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This year we are pleased to build a two-tier wooden climber, a musical instrument panel and increased outdoor storage options to best arrange the rotating toys and materials we’ve accumulated.

Alumni are invited to check out our outdoor play yard progress on Wednesday., 3/18 3:30-5:00 p.m.

*Thanks to Hot Lips Pizza for its generous donation.

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