Annual Harvest Festival is a Rain and Shine Celebration

True to intrepid Pacific Northwestern tradition, current HFP families and alumni families braved the rain to join together for an evening of fun and food- our Annual Harvest Picnic. The party at Abernethy Elementary School’s covered play area included songs, crafts, stories, and laughter…plus some glow-in-the-dark bracelets to light up the night.

Harvest1 photoshop 10-14IMG_20141022_182013   IMG_20141022_181924

The evening’s fun culminated in a giant, joyous song circle with families singing and dancing side by side, sharing classroom favorites such as the recently beloved song “Bats are Sleeping.” Children and adults flapped wings like bats in the night and tucked themselves “upside down” to feign sleeping in the day.

IMG_20141022_182118IMG_20141022_182035 IMG_20141022_182018-1  IMG_20141022_181949

While some programs strive for “parent involvement,” HFP far surpasses that goal.  The Harvest Picnic is an example of HFP philosophy in action where our lively community grows, plays, and celebrates together in rain gear.

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