Field Trip — Tryon Creek State Park

In January our classes explored a beloved trail at Tryon Creek State Park. It was the first hiking field trip for many of our children and it was exciting to connect with each other outside in nature.




After the field trip, Susan mentioned that she noticed children connecting with and trusting their friends’ parents in a way that is special and unique to our co-op community.

On this she said, “One piece I treasure about our co-op is parents’ relationships with their children’s friends and with other families. Our society doesn’t readily support closeness or inter-dependence. But as we extend ourselves to others and widen our circle of friendships— broadening our sense of family to include multiple families, we teach our children that they are fully loved, known and supported. We benefit from a community and increase our children’s sense of safety and belonging. At today’s Tyron Creek trip one child held a friend’s mother’s hand walking up the steep trail; one child’s father chatted with another child about the tree roots he balanced on; another mother assisted a friend’s younger sibling as he balanced along a log. These were just a few of many supportive interactions our caring community extended to “other” children.”

Another HFP parent said, “I so agree! I love the way my children have claimed multiple other HFP parents as their friends, their people, across generation, family lines.”

And another added, “Life’s trail is full of opportunities to reach out of your comfort zone and support each other. Children rarely look back and think, ‘Wow, I had too many parental role models.’ The opportunity of communal support is knocking and these kids are answering.”








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