The Bear Who Shared


From Teacher Susan:

Yesterday and today at circle, I read: The Bear Who Shared (Catherine Rayner).   I often find the best books for read out loud in circle are books that have fewer words, clear pictures, and an important, simple sentiment that we can all relate to. Then I can solicit children’s ideas and experiences (in this case about longing and sharing) while we’re reading together.  The Bear Who Shared is one such book, in which  Norris (the bear) and two other critters (raccoon and mouse) want the same ploringe. They watch and wait, sniff and wait, hoping to get a taste of the scrumptious fruit. The ploringe falls on Norris’s head and he thinks finally that tasty fruit is all his.  Instead of devouring the entire ploringe, Norris decides to cut it into pieces and shares the ploringe with raccoon and mouse, thereby making two new friends with this generous action.

Our class librarian and I will continue to seek out stories that address helping, sharing, kindness, caring to highlight ways to create friendly relationships.  I’m starting a kindness board- classroom examples of friends caring for friends- so we can highlight thoughtful, caring interactions and thereby encourage those kinds of interactions. I’m finding  The Bear Who Shared is a helpful entry point into this kindness concept.  And I’ll encourage all of of us to contribute to the kindness board by writing up specific examples of one or two children reaching out to and being kind to another child.

I expect this to be lots of fun.

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