Snacktime Conversations

On Green Day, over a snack of seaweed and pistachios, A. asked some of the other children at his snack table, “Do you believe in Jesus?”

Initially, R., U., and L. weren’t sure what A. was asking, but they were still eager to engage with him.



“Cheetahs? Do I believe in Cheetahs?”

Teacher Susan scurried to get a recorder to capture the rest. Click the link below to see a video of the rest of the conversation, or read the transcript that follows.


The rest of the conversation:

R: “. . . the president of the world, okay?”

U: “No, there’s a president for each place.”

R: “No, he flies. He’s not a bird, he flies.”

U: “Is he a real man?”

R: “No.”

A: “Yeah he is.”

R: “They fly. I don’t believe in Jesus.”

L: “He’s a superhero with a cape, so he can fly.”

A: “He’s not a superhero.”

R: “He’s not a superhero, yes.”

U: “Superheros are just mans.”

L: “Well, superheros aren’t just mans.”

A: “Some is, some are . . . there is girls that are superheros.”

L: “Well, superheros save people.”

U: “No they don’t.”

A and R: “Yes they do.”

U: “Police officers do.”

R: “Jesus . . . Jesus is not a superhero. He’s not.”

L: “Then who’s Jesus?”

U: “Jesus is the president of the world.”

R and A: “Uh huh, yeah.”

L: “What’s the president of the world?”

R: “He’s the president of the world.”

U: “Do you know Obama? He’s the president of Portland.”

R: “Yes. And, but, the president of the world is Jesus.”

U: “Yeah, Jesus.”

R: “These are good. Easy to crack open.”

U: “Jesus always eats those.”