A thank you for “the loving space”

This note from an HFP parent (and new mom, once again) to Teacher Susan illustrates what so many families are happy to find at HFP.



I wanted to say a quick thank you for the important role you play in Odin’s world.
It’s so helpful and important for Odin to have a safe and nurturing place to be creative, to grow, to share with friends, especially as we’re adding Finn to our family. It’s terrific to know that today he’ll go to playschool and be guided through activities, routine and new, with your positive and caring presence. I know how important these days are to him and how grounding it is for a little person to have their familiar activities in the midst of changes around them. Odin is surprising us all with how giving, gentle, helpful and excited he is to be a big brother. He’s asking for extra love and affection from caring adults around him (friends and Grandmas) and is not showing signs of jealousy or resentment towards Finn. I credit a big part of this to the growth he’s gone through at playschool. Learning to listen and share with others, trusting other adult voices. Hopefully this is all fairly coherent, I’ve been up a long time tonight with a cute but alert baby. Anyways, thanks so much for the work you do and the loving space you create for our kids. It’s really amazing.
Anna (Odin’s mom)