Exploring Reed Canyon

Our love of Northwest wildlife deepens.  Last week we took trips to explore Reed Canyon, a little piece of nature nestled in the city. The children were on the lookout for ducks, bird nests, barred owls, and other glimpses of wildlife. One group in the M/W class spotted a barred owl hanging out on a branch just off the ground.  We all got a good luck at a beaver dam, and one of the groups in the T/Th class was lucky enough to see a beaver himself, plodding through the reeds and diving off a log.  We wondered if we lucked into spotting the beaver given that Dientes Fuertes (Strong Teeth) accompanied us.  Maybe she put out a special beaver-to-beaver call?

The children’s enthusiasm continued as they played with beaver, raccoon, eagle, bear and deer figurines in the “forest” area (block area).  And children’s delight in our special northwest buddies (Dientes Fuertes and Bandido- Bandit, the raccoon) seems stronger, having visited their natural setting- a stunning wetland adjacent to Reed College. What a treat to discover a natural oasis right in Southeast Portland!