Fantasy Play in the Classroom

“Fantasy play is the glue, that binds together all other pursuits, including the early childhood teaching of reading and writing skills . . . The characters and plots are there, waiting, always in the process of becoming. Even when the teacher is unaware of the fantasy, the children are certain it is there. For this reason they watch one another more closely than ever they would watch me, the teacher, for I cannot teach them the subject they most wish to learn. And since the subject I most wish to learn is the children, I must concentrate on this play, for they will teach me who they are by the fantasies they explore.”

-Vivian Gussin Paley


At last night’s community meeting we had a great discussion on the importance and meaning of fantasy play in the classroom, and how parents think (do think, want to think, should think) about power play scenarios that our children imagine.

The article below adds a little more to that discussion, with a particular focus on boys:

Boys: Understanding Where They’re Coming From