How to Build a Flower

Ruby sculpts with magnets. She confidently builds flowers, naming that since she already knows how to draw flowers on paper, she knows how to make a flower with magnets.   Ruby shows me how she can draw flowers.  I ask her if she’s up for the challenge of painting the flower shape at the easel and she proudly strolls over to the easel to paint.  I ask Ruby  if she’ll break down the process outlining the steps so I can learn how to build flowers.  She shares:

1.) You need one circle that goes on the top.

2.) And two circles for the sides.

3.) The stem is going to be this long stick.

Ruby builds flower after flower, decorating the cake.  Her work is impressive and catches the interest of others.  Zoe joins Ruby, separating the shapes and materials needed.  Zoe puts the circle/petals into one pile and the stick/stems into another, offering them up to Ruby for more construction.  Ruby adds flowers and then invites Zoe to join her. The two partner to build an exceptional magnetic floral cake. We bring the cake to circle so others can enjoy their project.

This same morning, Owen and Noah are kitty firefighters.  We sing “Happy Birthday” to the kitties in Kitty-ese:  “Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow” to the tune of Happy Birthday.  In this way, we get to honor Ruby’s knowledge of flowers, Ruby and Zoe’s impressive teamwork, and Owen and Noah’s tender kitty language.