Sharing Binoculars

Uzi is proud to wear his special hat and a pair of binoculars from home. Uzi excitedly shares that these props are for lifeguards. Clearly they possess power that interests Uzi as well as a handful of his peers.  After Uzi puts them on, he beams, “Do you like the look of me?”
Quinn nods.  “Can I try them?”
Uzi: “Sure.”
Uzi immediately removes the binocular necklace from his own neck and assists Quinn with putting them on.
Seamus steps up: “I wanna try.”
Uzi pauses.  “You can’t take them home.”
Seamus: “Yeah.”
Once the boys establish their shared understanding that these are Uzi’s special binoculars from home that Seamus can borrow, Uzi eagerly assists Seamus in putting them on.  Once Seamus has the strap securely around his neck, he pulls the binoculars up to his eyes.  Uzi backs up about 10 feet in front of Seamus, facing him.

Uzi: “Do I look bigger?”
Seamus: “Yeah!”
A few minutes later, Uzi is offering a turn for Roy to try the binoculars.