Fairy House

After decorating our teepee fairy house with lavender, roses, fallen golden leaves, pine cones and cilantro, Quinn picks up the adjacent picture book about fairies.
Quinn sits alone at the picnic table, leafing through the pages of the book: “There’s butterfly houses around in the forest!” she exclaims to out loud.
Overtaken with excitement, Quinn’s eager to share her discovery.  She walks over to Ruby and repeats: “Look! There’s butterfly houses around in the forest.  Isn’t that cool?”
Ruby: “That’s cool.”
Quinn then invites Ruby to join her on the bench to look through more pages together.
Ruby: “No thanks.”  Ruby’s not yet finished adorning the fairy house.
Quinn returns to the picnic table with book in hand.  Two minutes later, Uzi walks by and Quinn invites him to join her with the book.  Uzi nestles in beside Quinn and the two flip the pages, taking in the wonder of these ornate forest dwellings.