Beloved Intern Reflects on Time at HFP

When I first looked for an internship, I was hoping to work in a research lab or at a computer science company. Instead I found an internship at HFP, and I couldn’t be more pleased that I did. I learned more from the children, parents, and Teacher Susan than I would have ever expected.

Before working there I knew that I loved playing and being around young children, and now that I’ve completed my internship, I love it even more. Every day was unique, always keeping me interested and giving me opportunities to learn more about interacting with and teaching children. I had countless great stories to share with my friends and classmates.

As a part of the internship class at Lewis & Clark we would share stories from our internships every week. My fellow classmates would always laugh and enjoy the stories I told at our meetings, many of them commenting on how much fun working at HFP seemed. I enjoyed myself every day and had fun with all of the children.

I want to thank Teacher Susan and all of the parents for letting me help out; I had an awesome experience and hope to see everyone soon.

All the best,

Ben Lohre
Lewis & Clark College Graduate ’12