Pedal, Ride or Scoot – It’s Wheels Day

This last week at HFP was filled with sunshine, outdoor play and, best of all, “Wheels Day.”  It was such a joy to see all the smiles as the group rode their scooters and bikes around the closed-off parking lot.  Aside from riding on wheels, there were some other great moments I was able to observe too. Everyone was very generous with their bikes and helmets and quick to share and exchange.  Sofia arrived with some reservations about this change in scene, so it was fun to watch her go from being a quiet observer, to riding seated on a skateboard with Kerry, to confidently riding around the parking lot on a borrowed bike.  There was also a group using chalk to draw colorful arrows to assure there was no question about which direction to ride, and some various other chalk art as well.  Some of the children would perhaps argue that the best part of the day was seeing teacher Susan ride around on her own small bike.

Following the outdoor activities the group gathered in the shady grass for circle time to sing a few songs about wheels and to just be silly.  The fun continued with snack in the play yard with Jeff’s very creative array of all round things to eat. The colorful citrus display was a big hit and we learned that a few children actually enjoyed sucking on limes and grapefruit, while others preferred the sliced bananas with peanut butter or round rice crackers.

The last part of the day finished out with one small group returning for more wheel time while another remained in the play yard for coloring at the outdoor art station, resting in the cozy reading area, climbing, digging or playing chase.  It was a beautiful day which highlighted all things wonderful about HFP and its community.

Caitlin Johnson (Callie)