Spring Has Sprung

One of our fledglings observing playtime from atop the horses.

The play yard robin eggs have hatched and those robin parents are vigilant in caring for their fledglings.  As the robins warm their nest, alternating with each other to seek food to feed their young ones, I’m keenly aware of the parallels between their ongoing hard work and the work you co-op parents take on.  You are an impressive bunch, balancing the needs of your families, work and home lives, and co-op participation.  It takes lots of thought, creativity and dedication to keep children’s needs central. Amazingly, you grocery shop; plan special activities; listen to your children’s hurts and disappointments and celebrate their numerous accomplishments and engagements;tend to your partners; do a load of laundry and then another; remember to assist your child in sporting a silly outfit for Wackward day or p.j.’s for pajama day; show up energized for classroom shifts; attend field trips delighting in the natural world; weed and spread bark chips to embellish our play yard; entertain your children; provide dinner and cozy nighttime routines; and then do it all again the next day.  Our children are fortunate to have such loving, invested parents in their lives.  I’m constantly grateful for each of you.

Just like the flowers at bloom, spring reminds us of our children’s growth and success. As I think back to September, it’s clear that each child has gained confidence in her/himself and each child’s sense of belonging has increased dramatically while relationships have surely deepened.  Together we have created a safe and loving environment, ripe with countless play opportunities and our children have reaped the benefits.  This is success in which we can each take great pride.


Teacher Susan