Pink Positive – Spring Is On It’s Way

Of course you’ve all heard of the importance of “thinking positive.”  Today, I introduced the idea of pinking positive- a strategy to welcome color that breaks through the grey.  This has been one of the rainiest spells I can recall.  And the sky feels a bit gloomy.  But there are many early Spring blooms, including cherry blossoms and pink camellias.

Dominic (Dane) and I brought some of these into our classrooms, and Michelle (Uzi) and I are gathering picture books celebrating spring. Caitlin (Callie) brought us photos of many of our play yard plants in bloom- a sneak-peak of what’s to come.  And our stunning white camillia bush is beginning to bloom!

Continuing with the pink focus, I thought it might be fun to think about bubble gum.  Today we walked through pink paint and over the next couple of days we’ll sing silly songs about bubble gum sticking to various parts of our bodies and read some fantastical books about blowing bubbles and the origins of bubble gum.  At the end of the day, we’ll try chewing some bubble gum.  If any of your children want to wear pink tomorrow and Friday, they’re surely welcome.

In these wet times, I’m reminding myself of the sheer joy children have jumping in puddles, walking under umbrellas and collecting bowl after bowl of rain water to mix in the sand.  The skies are offering a supreme opportunity for rich sensory play.   And our trees, plants and flowers are reaping the benefits.  Here’s to donning rain gear and playing outside.  We might even couple this w/ blowing bubbles in the rain!

Thinking ahead: I’m gathering materials to build our appreciation of insects, knowing we’ll encounter more as the earth and air warm up.  I expect many of us have acquired negative associations to insects, thinking of them as pests.  I’m hoping to spark some interest in insects and some appreciation for the value and purpose of many insects.  We’ll sing songs, read books and dig in the dirt to deepen curiosity and hopefully, celebration of these little critters.  We’ll also focus on Hey Little Ant, a simple picture book that introduces a serious topic about power and respect.  I expect it will be fun to have more ants on a log for upcoming snacks.

Here’s a resource to find other books about insects to check out at home: www.

Thanks for your ongoing involvement and support.  If you have additional ideas to offer, I’d welcome them.


Teacher Susan