Gender Resources for Parents

 “What’s Wrong With Cinderella?”  – Recognizing princess culture

“Superhero Play in the Early Childhood Classroom: Issues in Banning Play from the Classroom” – Issues in Banning Play from the Classroom

“Raising Cain: Boys in Focus” – Interview with some of the most important experts on boys in America today.

“Understanding And Raising Boys” – Identifying the needs of boys

“Anti-princess branding beyond the bandwagon”

“The Beauty of Strong Girls: When self-expression gives way to self-doubt, a little support can help.”

“The Disney Princess Divide: the Next Mommy Wars?”

“Disney Princess versions of-real-heroines expose culture of absurdity”

“Early Gender Socialization” Published by Unicef

“Five Ways Parents Can Reduce Gender Stereotyping in Children”

“Why Does Gender Matter?”

“Always #LikeAGirl” – A provocative 3 minute video that demonstrates how “Like A Girl” has sadly become an insult. Let’s say “Like A Girl” and mean “powerful.”  Teacher Susan loves this video.
 “BAM! Boys Advocacy and Mentoring” –  A thoughtful organization that offers “strengths-based boys groups, workshops for adults, and boys group guidebook we are guiding the current generation of boys toward becoming a future generation of relationally skilled men.”   Susan took a workshop from the leaders of BAM! and has lots of respect for their work. Teacher Susan’s son participated in one of these boys groups and loved it.

“The gender spectrum represents a more nuanced and authentic model of human gender”