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 Please contact our Membership Chair with questions about Hawthorne Family Playschool and to schedule a tour.

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About Our School:

HFP enrolls students ages 3-5. Our school day is from 9 a.m. – Noon. This includes a family style snack, provided by families.

• Three-year-olds typically attend two days a week (M/W or T/Th).

• Four and Five-year-olds attend three days a week (3rd day on Friday).

• Families have the option of extending one morning a week to 4-hours by enrolling in the fabulous Yoga Enrichment Class that Leslie at Yoga Playgrounds offers on Mondays and Tuesdays from Noon – 1 p.m.

• Because children develop at different ages, we do not require toilet training.

• Our class size is 14 students (with three adults present). Children are typically age 3 by September 1. We maintain a year-round waiting list.

Tuition is HFP’s primary revenue source which allows us to meet the following budget priorities:

  • Preserving small class sizes and low child-adult ratios
  • Affordability for families
  • Fairer compensation for our director/teacher       

HFP is pleased to:

  • Offer a sliding fee tuition scale, allowing families to pay according to their means.
  • Fundraise to keep tuition rates more manageable.
  • Offer flexible classroom involvement so families can participate in ways that suit them best. 

Monthly Tuition Rates:

2-Day Class                                                          

 Family’s Annual Household Income Tuition With Classroom Shifts  Tuition Without Classroom Shifts
$20,000 – $35,000 $187  $297
$35,001 – $55,000 $213 $313
$55,001 + $243 $343

3- Day Class

 Family’s Annual Household Income Tuition With Classroom Shifts  Tuition Without Classroom Shifts
$20,000 – $35,000 $275 $410
$35,001 – $55,000 $313 $448
$55,001 + $369 $504
* Tuition rates subject to increase 3-6% annually every September based on Board approval.

Flexible Involvement

While all families actively invest in our learning community (fundraising, assuming an HFP job, play yard work parties, providing classroom snacks, filling “lunch bunch” shifts, attending monthly community meetings, field trips and social events), families may choose whether or not to work classroom shifts. Classroom shifts are 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

A) Working in the classroom allows parents to experience the classroom alongside their child. Parents get to see their child, their child’s peers, Teacher Susan and the curriculum in action.  

B) Working in the classroom is not for every family: some children have a challenging time when their parent is in the classroom, some parents’ work schedules make classroom involvement tricky or prohibitive and some families prioritize other HFP community investments in their life balance. Families choosing not to work in the classroom pay a higher monthly fee, covering the cost of hiring a teaching assistant to work in their place. Involving teaching assistants provides greater classroom continuity and consistency which benefits everyone.

C) Upon enrollment, families will make a decision about whether or not to work classroom shifts for the school year. There are a finite number of spaces available for participation “without classroom shifts.” They are available on a first come, first serve basis.              

Download the HFP Tuition Assistance Request Form

For Enrollment Information:

Contact Stephanie, Membership Chair.

About Our Selection Process:

We review applications and contact families with enrollment or wait list offers in early March. We don’t conduct a strict lottery as there are many factors we consider, such as age, gender, and the diversity balance of our students, as well as what skills parents can offer the program.

As a unique, parent-driven cooperative school, HFP relies heavily on our families to eagerly and fully participate in our community. When we review applications, we consider families’ interests, talents, and skills as well as their enthusiasm for our program. We encourage families to share about themselves on the application.

If you have a particular interest or skill that you’re willing to contribute, please tell us about it. Families are responsible for assisting in the classroom as well as holding an essential job in running our school.  In partnership with our director/teacher, we create a thriving learning community.